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Competence in Capacitors


As specialist in film capacitors our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction in terms of quality, innovation, delivery reliability and cost effectiveness

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< Top News >

WIMA has extended the capacitance and voltage range of the DC-LINK MKP 4 series. Capacitance values from 1 F to 400 F and new voltage ranges with 400 VDC and 500 VDC are now available. DC-LINK MKP 4 capacitors are especially designed for applications in high power converter technology. Manufactured with a low loss Polypropylene dielectric they show a higher current carrying capability as well as lower dissipation/self-heating at high frequencies compared to electrolytic capacitors. more...


< Technical Spotlight >

WIMA PowerBlock modules based on double-layer capacitors combine the advantage of convertional capacitors as fast suppliers of electricity and batteries as notable energy reservoirs. PowerBlock modules are used for motor start, in railway technology, in hybrid and heavy transportation, in automated guided vehicules (AGV), in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or wind power systems. The use of PowerBlocks as energy storage increases efficiency and life time of the applications, saves weight and cost for maintenance, and is environmentally friendly. more...