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Capacitance Tolerance

Tolerance is the permissible relative deviation of the capacitance from the rated value, expressed in per cent. The tolerance is to be measured at a temperature of +20°C and is only valid at the time of delivery.

After a longer period of storage or use, the tolerance can increase; but, according to standard specification, it may never exceed twice the value measured at the time of delivery.


The following delivery tolerances are usual for wound capacitors:


±1%; ±2.5%; ±5%; ±10%; ±20%.


In the case of electrolytic capacitors for which the largest possible capacitance matters, tolerances of +100/-20% also occur.


Note: The tolerance (with the exception of 20%) is usually clearly marked on the body of the capacitor, in case of very small capacitor sizes, coding or ciphers according to IEC 60062 are also used.