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Capacitors in PCM 5 mm

WIMA capacitors in PCM 5 mm are available in metallized or film and foil versions with the dielectrics Polyester and Polypropylene.

WIMA capacitors with a Polyester dielectric (PET) are suitable for general applications such as coupling, decoupling and by-passing. By making use of ultra thin film and appropriate manufacturing experience, it has been possible to achieve high capacitance values in very small boxe sizes. The WIMA MKS 2 for example is available with capacitance values up to 10 µF in 5 mm PCM.

Polypropylene capacitors (PP) are used in the high frequency field. This includes resonant circuits, power supplies, deflection circuits, oscillator circuits and audio equipment. WIMA Polypropylene capacitors in PCM 5 mm can also be supplied in high pulse film/foil versions with rated voltages up to 1000 VDC.

Metallized capacitors stand out for their excellent self-healing properties and their very favourable capacitance/volume ratio. Film and foil capacitors have a high pulse load capacity due to their strong dimensioning.