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November 2016

New Barcode Label

WIMA will introduce a new Barcode Label for shipments of Single Packing Units (SPU). The new label now also includes information on the basis of PDF417 as well as Data Matrix (2D) Barcodes and thus complies with common automotive supplier standards. Starting as of 1 December 2016 the new label will be applied to all domestic and foreign consignments.

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November 2016

Extended WIMA film/foil capacitor ranges

In the case of film and foil types, the electrode is not vapour-deposited as for the metallized capacitors, but is wound with the dielectric in form of a metal foil. The components thus produced have excellent pulse and current carrying capability, as well as a very high insulation resistance.
WIMA film/foil capacitors are available with Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP) dielectric in PCM 2.5 mm to 15 mm. Capacitance values range from 33 pF to 0.22 µF and rated voltages from 63 VDC to 1000 VDC.
The WIMA film/foil programme has been extended by several new voltage ranges e.g. 63 VDC and 630 VDC for WIMA FKS 2, 400 VDC and 630 VDC for WIMA FKS 3 or 850 VDC for WIMA FKP 3.

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September 2016

Reformation of WIMA Snubber Capacitors

WIMA has reworked and extended its Snubber Capacitor Ranges. The standard lug versions were submitted to thorough verification and - if necessary - adjusted to the requirements of modern IGBTs.
The WIMA Snubber MKP range with double-sided metallization and internal series connection was extended by three additional voltage ranges 850 VDC, 1250 VDC and 2500 VDC. The capacitance range now comprises values from 0.047 µF up to 8 µF and voltage ranges of 700 VDC up to 3000 VDC.
As for the especially pulse resistant WIMA Snubber FKP range numerous values were added and case sizes changed. Moreover, a new 1250 VDC range was added. The range now shows capacitance values of 0.01 µF up to 3.3 µF and rated voltages of 630 VDC to 4000 VDC.
WIMA Snubber capacitors are manufactured under mass production conditions, but are also available in lower quantities as individually designable components.

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May 2016

WIMA Polypropylene Capacitors in Compact Design

WIMA introduces its new metallized Polypropylene film capacitor range in compact design type WIMA MKP 4C, which compared to the traditional WIMA capacitors exhibits considerably smaller case sizes. As an example a 1.0 µF/630 VDC capacitor has a by 57% smaller volume, and a 0.1 µF/630 VDC capacitor would even be smaller by 59% than a conventional MKP 4. This capacitor series is available with capacitances from 0.068 µF up to 2.2 µF and voltage ranges of 450 VDC, 520 VDC and 630 VDC in PCMs 10 to 22.5 mm. Due to the dielectric used they are suitable for operating temperatures up to 110°C and stand out for their very high resistance to ripple and peak currents.

WIMA MKP 4C are suitable for use in frequency-charged applications, e. g. power factor correction (PFC) in switch-mode power supplies and are environmentally compatible in accordance with RoHS 2011/65/EU.

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March 2016

WIMA FKP 1: Extension of Capacitance range by PCM 52.5 mm

Some time ago WIMA as the first manufacturer has introduced to the market Polypropylene capacitors with schooped metal foil electrodes and double-side metallized internal series connection under the name FKP 1. Due to their construction these film capacitors have extremely high pulse and current carrying capabilities. Recently this fact was impressively confirmed by reproduction of a well-known competitor. WIMA has now further developed the FKP 1 range by using PCM 52.5 mm which enables the voltage ranges 400 VDC to 6000 VDC to be supplemented by higher capacitance values. The rated capacitances now range from 100 pF up to 4.7 µF.
PCM 37.5 and 52.5 mm can also be supplied in 4-pin version.

WIMA FKP 1 capacitors are used in applications with high pulses and frequencies, e. g. power supplies, converter circuits, deflection circuits as well as electronic ballasts.

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February 2016

Filter Capacitors

With MKP 4F WIMA has introduced a new range of filter capacitors based on metallized Polypropylene (PP) dielectric.

- Printed circuit modules (PCM) from 27.5 mm to 52.5 mm
- Capacitances from 0.68 µF to 75 µF
- Nominal voltages from 230 VAC to 440 VAC.

Due to their typical circuit position AC filter capacitors have to exhibit good high-frequency characteristics and at the same time high AC voltage capabilities. They in general fulfil two requirements:

  • Low AC impedance to dissipate high-frequency interference signals
  • Attenuation of transient voltage pulses caused e.g. by switching.

WIMA filter capacitors are designed on the basis of low-loss Polypropylene film and exhibit high AC current capability at high frequencies as well as low ESL and ESR values.

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