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Metallized Construction for Pulse Applications

WIMA MKP 10 -63VAC, 180VAC, 250VAC
WIMA Snubber MKP -180VAC, 250VAC
WIMA MKP 10 -400VAC, 600VAC, 650VAC, 700VAC
WIMA Snubber MKP -400VAC, 700VAC
WIMA GTO MKP -400VAC, 450VAC, 500VAC, 550VAC
WIMA MKP 10   -900VAC/PCM 22.5mm (PCM 15mm = 3-section)
In order to counter the disadvantage of the limited current loading capacity of single-sided metallized capacitors, WIMA has developed special metallized versions for high pulse applications, in which the electrodes are not directly metallized on the dielectric film. Aluminium is vacuum-deposited on both sides of a thin plastic film and this film is rolled up along with the insulating film as is the case with a film/foil capacitor.

With schoopage (metal flame spraying) and contacting, the two metal layers on the carrier film are joined together as a conductor. The carrier film is therefore in fieldfree space, its dielectric properties are of no importance, ("film in fieldfree space") and the self-healing process in breakdowns takes place on this film. Thanks to the metallization on both sides, this type has the same good self-healing properties as a capacitor which is metallized on one side only, the conducting capacity of a double thickness metallized layer and the advantage of better contacts.

These capacitors can stand up to very high pulse currents and have only a slightly larger volume than single-sided metallized capacitors. They offer high operating safety in critical applications.


High pulse loading capacity due to good contacting of the metal layers with schoopage.
Good self-healing properties thanks to the carrier film in fieldfree space.